Concrete crack repair analysis with metakaolin-based geopolymer cement


Among the advances in the use of geopolymer cements is their use as repair materials in concrete structures. The objective of this work was to use a geopolymer cement to repair cracks in concrete specimens, observing its mechanical performance and fracture modes. Cubic test specimens were produced and two types of cracks were evaluated as variables. Cracks were induced by steel sheets during concreting. The geopolymer cement paste and an epoxy adhesive, as reference, were used for the repairs. The results showed a 13% decrease in compressive strength for unrepaired concrete, and 3.7% in concrete repaired with geopolymer. The binder presented mechanical performance similar to that of the epoxy resin regarding crack recovery. In conclusion, repairs made with geopolymer cement are a viable and efficient means of crack recovery.