Numerical model of beam-to-column composite connection between slim floor system and composite column


The slim floor system has been used mainly due to the structural and constructive advantages of it, such as the capacity to overcome large spans with the low height of the composite floor system. There is a lack of finite element modelling researches of composite connections between the slim floor system and columns, especially with the concrete infilled steel tube columns. This paper presents the numerical approach based on the solid modelling, for the simulation of the nonlinear structural behavior of composite connection between partially encased composite beam and concrete infilled steel tube column; in this model, the composite beam represents the slim floor. The ABAQUS finite element code was used to investigate the behavior of composite connection that consists of a shear steel plate and negative reinforcement of the composite slab. In this paper, the authors discusses the procedures to the numerical model construction including finite elements and boundary conditions. Besides, the influence of stress-strain relationships for concrete and steel and the parameters that defines each model are presented and discussed, as well as the different steel to concrete interface conditions. Based on the results obtained, the effectiveness of the numerical model developed was verified against experimental results showing a good agreement response for the Moment vs. Rotation response, as well as the moment resistance of the composite connection.