A numerical analysis of a concrete slab breaching using high explosives

  • Murilo Limeira da Costa Neto Universidade de Brasília
  • Graciela Nora Doz Universidade de Brasília


Explosive breaching of walls, demolition of buildings with high structural robustness and non-programmed explosions may be extremely dangerous, the high risk of these events demands continuous researches to support the development of optimized constructive techniques and design. In this context, this work presents a numerical study of the explosive breaching of concrete wall using an optimized contact explosive charge with cilindrical shape, the CFD software Autodyn ® Ansys was used. The results were evaluated in terms of damage pattern of the concrete slab, where was considered the cratering dimensions, the breakthrough hole and concrete spalling. A significant gain of the destructive potential of the explosive was observed by the simple rearrangement of its dimensions when compared to the base model, also the robustness of software to model and simulate a complex experiment that involves the detonation of a contact explosive charge was verified.