Reliability of internal column-slab connection under punching according to NBR 6118:2014

  • Gustavo Ribeiro da Silva
  • Américo Campos Filho
  • Mauro de Vasconcellos Real


This article presents a study on the reliability of internal column-slab connection under punching, design according to the Brazilian Standard NBR 6118:2014. The evaluation of reliability was made by comparing the reliability index β with the target reliability index recommended by the Model Code fib-2010. The reliability indexes were calculated through statistical analysis of the data obtained with numerical simulations using the Monte Carlo method. The results showed that, for most slabs, the indexes of reliability β presented satisfactory results. However, some of the tested slabs presented results below the assumed limits. There for, this article suggests that the Brazilian Standard NBR 6118:2014 is appropriate for most flat slabs without shear reinforcement.