Physical and geometrical non-linear behavior of precast beams on elastomeric supports

  • Maria Teresa Santos do Amaral Cardoso
  • Maria Cristina Vidigal de Lima


The lateral stability of long and slender precast beams has been associated with collapses during transitory phases. The inevitable deviations between the cross section of the support and the midspan aggravate and make the problems of instability more susceptible. The objective of this work is to evaluate the behavior of concrete beams that present geometric imperfections on elastomeric bearings and to analyze the influence of variables such as: concrete strength, non-linearity of the concrete and bearing compression stiffness. The numerical analyzes were developed in ANSYS [1]. Among the main conclusions, it was noticed that the increase of the concrete's strength gives the beam greater stability and that the consideration of the physical non-linear behavior of the material does not allow finding a position of equilibrium in the numerical model in some cases. The stiffness of the bearing decreases as the skew angle increases. In very critical situations, it may not be possible to find equilibrium for the beam, leading to its collapse.