Analyses of reinforced concrete beams strenthened with CFRP under bending: Theoretical and computational approaches

  • Aloísio Sthéfano Corrêa Silva Universidade Federal da Bahia
  • Alex Alves Bandeira Universidade Federal da Bahia


This work aims to compile the theoretical basis of ACI 440.2R: 2008 [1] with NBR 6118: 2014 [2] in order to taken into account the concepts of the Brazilian standard in flexural sizing of reinforced beams with CFRP(Carbon Fiber–Reinforced Polymer). The contribution of the Brazilian standard is given particularly with regard to the application of its safety coefficients and material properties (steel and concrete), including its deformation limits. For this purpose, a beam is adopted as a reference for the study, where two reinforcement designs are performed with CFRP, one from the compiled formulations and another considering only the requirements of ACI 440.2R: 2008 [1]. The results obtained are compared afterwards. Finally, through the ANSYS software, numerical modeling of the reference beam is carried out, where tensions and deformations presented by concrete, steel and carbon fiber are observed. The results of the numerical analysis are compared with those obtained from the formulations compiled in order to validate the numerical model adopted in this study. The research concluded that, in flexural sizing, the areas of CFRP dimensioned from the formulations of ACI 440.2R: 2008 [1] resulted in values very close to those obtained by the formulations compiled. In addition, it was concluded that the numerical modeling performed in this work represented well the behavior of the structure, since the rupture loads were approximately equal to those expected by the analytical formulations.