Design of deep pile caps by strut-and-tie models

  • Daniel Miranda dos Santos University of São Paulo
  • Matheus Lopes de Carvalho University of São Paulo
  • Fernando Rebouças Stucchi University of São Paulo


There are many methods for designing pile caps, but there is still no consensus on which one provides the best approach for the practical engineers. In Brazil, many structural designers use the classical Blévot method; however, the applicability of the method has been questioned after the revision of the NBR 6118 standard for design of concrete structures in 2014. To support structural designers, a strut-and-tie model has recently been developed that relates the classical method to the most current concepts of strut-and-tie models. The theoretical bearing capacity of four-pile cap obtained through several strut-and-tie models are compared with experimental tests. The results show that this recently developed model is suitable for the design of deep pile cap.

Author Biography

Daniel Miranda dos Santos, University of São Paulo
Engenheiro Civil UFBA(2002) Mestre EPUSP (2006) Área de interesse: Estruturas de concreto e metálicas, especialmente pontes.